55 Lillecrapp Road
Ilparpa NT 0873

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How much is 55 Lillecrapp Rd, Ilparpa worth?
Last updated 2 Jan 2020

Property Details for 55 Lillecrapp Rd, Ilparpa

55 Lillecrapp Rd, Ilparpa is a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom House and was built in 2009. While the property is not currently for sale or for rent, it was last sold in Apr 2012.

  • Building TypeHouse
  • Year Built2009
  • Land Size11700m2
  • ZoningNon Urban - R
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Property History for 55 Lillecrapp Rd, Ilparpa, NT 0873

A timeline of how this property has performed in the market
Last Sold
23 Apr 2012
  • 23 Apr 2012
    Sold $375k
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