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Property Investment: Is It Time to Buy?

Saturday 29th September 2012

People investing in property or upgrading the family home are expected to bolster Australia’s property market into 2010.

But plenty of economists are still warning that Australians are paying the highest ever house prices relative to income.

Even finance gurus like Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki are saying the biggest-ever real estate bubble is about to burst.  So how do people know if it’s the right time to dip their toe in and buy an investment property? Read on:


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CitiesMedianProperty Price Index 
Sydney$750,000 Steady   $696,387 2.91% rex up
Brisbane$490,000 Steady   $511,104 1.75% rex up
Gold Coast$416,000 Steady   $431,632 1.76% rex up
Melbourne$701,000 0.86% rex up down $806,645 0.05% rex up
Adelaide$480,000 0.27% rex up down $500,578 0.01% rex up
Perth$510,000 0.49% rex up down $529,063 1.29% rex down
Canberra$465,000 1.09% rex up down $465,517 0.55% rex down
Darwin$530,000 Steady   $464,445 2.46% rex down

Based on information provided by and with the permission of the Western Australian Land Information Authority (2015) trading as Landgate.