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Property Investment: Is It Time to Buy?

Saturday 29th September 2012

People investing in property or upgrading the family home are expected to bolster Australia’s property market into 2010.

But plenty of economists are still warning that Australians are paying the highest ever house prices relative to income.

Even finance gurus like Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki are saying the biggest-ever real estate bubble is about to burst.  So how do people know if it’s the right time to dip their toe in and buy an investment property? Read on:


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Sydney NSW Property Sales Figures

Dec 2013 - Feb 2014 (Interim Release)

Click on a Suburb below to view the sales statistics for the Suburb

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SuburbNr SalesMedian SaleProperty Price Index
Cabarita7$1,460,000N/AInsufficient Sales
Cabramatta56$350,0001.45% $396,6756.93%
Cabramatta West13$600,0005.26% $396,6756.93%
Cammeray27$860,00012.47% Insufficient Sales
Camperdown34$630,0000.94% Insufficient Sales
Campsie52$487,5004.04% Insufficient Sales
Canada Bay3$730,000N/AInsufficient Sales
Canley Heights18$598,0001.18% $396,6756.93%
Canley Vale15$350,00024.73% $396,6756.93%
Canterbury13$615,0002.07% Insufficient Sales
Caringbah49$535,00013.15% Insufficient Sales
Caringbah South30$1,002,7501.45% Insufficient Sales
Carlingford66$869,000SteadyInsufficient Sales
Carlton16$634,0004.37% Insufficient Sales
Carnes Hill7$580,000N/AInsufficient Sales
Carramar10$305,500N/AInsufficient Sales
Carss Park3$800,000N/AInsufficient Sales
Cartwright5$370,000N/AInsufficient Sales
Castle Cove9$1,540,000N/AInsufficient Sales
Castle Hill127$895,0000.28% $808,1972.30%
Castlecrag9$2,400,000N/AInsufficient Sales
Casula41$510,0003.03% $434,0755.99%
Cattai2$734,500N/AInsufficient Sales
Cecil Hills12$642,5007.98% Insufficient Sales
Cecil Park1$1,125,000N/AInsufficient Sales
Centennial Park5$448,000N/AInsufficient Sales
Chatswood66$910,0000.78% Insufficient Sales
Chatswood West2$1,207,500N/AInsufficient Sales
Cheltenham6$1,272,500N/AInsufficient Sales
Cherrybrook37$941,800SteadyInsufficient Sales
Chester Hill32$572,7500.39% Insufficient Sales
Chifley6$1,136,000N/AInsufficient Sales
Chippendale65$760,0002.94% Insufficient Sales
Chipping Norton25$650,0000.15% $434,0755.99%
Chiswick20$702,5000.36% Insufficient Sales
Church Point5$1,530,000N/AInsufficient Sales
Clareville3$2,100,000N/AInsufficient Sales
Clemton Park7$900,000N/AInsufficient Sales
Clovelly11$999,99934.64% $802,4722.77%
Clyde1$352,000N/AInsufficient Sales
Colebee15$525,0000.18% Insufficient Sales
Collaroy28$632,50017.32% Insufficient Sales
Collaroy Plateau West12$1,091,25010.00% Insufficient Sales
Colyton28$417,5001.03% Insufficient Sales
Como4$875,000N/AInsufficient Sales
Concord30$1,020,00011.30% Insufficient Sales
Concord West6$1,147,500N/AInsufficient Sales
Condell Park35$600,0007.73% Insufficient Sales
Connells Point5$832,000N/AInsufficient Sales
Constitution Hill9$460,000N/A$517,2834.73%
Coogee30$800,7561.04% Insufficient Sales
Cowan2$598,050N/AInsufficient Sales
Cremorne27$910,0003.41% Insufficient Sales
Cremorne Point7$1,770,000N/AInsufficient Sales
Cronulla73$610,0008.34% $607,9753.56%
Crows Nest26$1,100,000Steady$819,4450.99%
Croydon25$920,00010.68% Insufficient Sales
Croydon Park22$782,500SteadyInsufficient Sales
Curl Curl8$946,250N/AInsufficient Sales

*Median and Index calculations based on data available as of 21/04/2014.